Thomas Sabo Eggshell 40 Silky Cord Necklace with Sterling Silver Tips
Manufacturer Item #X008 EGGSHELL

This eggshell silky cord necklace will hold your Thomas Sabo charms. It measures approximately 40 inches long and can be tied according to the length you desire. Slide a charm carrier attachment through this silky cord to display several charms in a pleasing manner. Or if you prefer, simply attach one charm to your necklace. We love the look of the charm carrier with several charms hanging from it!

  • Eggshell silky cord necklace by Thomas Sabo with sterling silver tips.
  • Wear the cord with a single charm or slide a charm carrier attachment for wearing several charms at once.
  • Measures 40 inches long and can be tied to your desired length.
  • Charms and charm carrier attachments are sold separately.
  • Style X008 (Eggshell)

  • Price $13.90

    Item Number: 02574

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